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About Mazzye's Meats

Our History

About Mazzye's Meats

Mazzye's Meats was established in 1979 by Frank Mazzye Sr.

Mazzye's became a staple in Liverpool, NY, attracting customers from all over Central New York.

 “Two years ago, Drew D’Angelo was buying 300 pounds of Polish sausage at Mazzye’s Meats in Salina when he got talking to the owners.

They were going to sell the place, and D’Angelo asked them who would take over their beloved business.

Co-owner Dave Mazzye, who was cutting a steak, looked him in the eye and answered: “You are.”

D’Angelo chuckled and dismissed the idea. With two kids in college, he said, he didn’t have the money for the building and business. He knew the market was a community staple, but he also knew it would be long hours.”

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Our Hours

Stop in and shop! Talk to Drew and get the perfect cut!
Deli Closes 30 Mins Before Doors Close

Monday to Saturday
8 : 00 am
6 : 00 pm
9 : 00 am
2 : 00 pm

Why people choose Mazzye's?

Local Products

We source all of our in-store products from local vendors. See Our Products for more details!

Always fresh ingredients

Local products mean fresh ingredients from names you can trust. If it's not fresh, you won't find it here.

Drew D'Angelo

Current owner, Drew D'Angelo, is always in store and ready to answer your questions, give you food prep advice or custom order your next big cookout.

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